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PSM Area - Policy119
Sort by: Tool name Popularity Developed by Latest update Languages Level of use Submission date
Add to MyPSM Development of National Laboratory Policy and Plan World Health Organization English Central 2013-01-21
Add to MyPSM Logistics Management Units: What, Why, and How of the Central Coordination of Supply Chain Management FR USAID | DELIVER PROJECT English, French, Spanish Central, District, Facility, Regional 1970-01-01
Add to MyPSM Malaria in Pregnancy Resource Package JHPIEGO 05/01/2010 English, French, Portuguese Central 2013-04-02
Add to MyPSM Shrinking the Malaria Map: A Guide on Malaria Elimination for Policy Makers Malaria Elimination Group 09 Oct. 2012 Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish Central 2012-10-10
Add to MyPSM Shrinking the Malaria Map: A Prospectus on Malaria Elimination Malaria Elimination Group 09 Oct. 2012 Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish Central, District, Regional 2012-10-10
Add to MyPSM Getting Products to People: The JSI Framework for Integrated Supply Chain Management in Public Health John Snow, Inc. 11/15/2012 English Central 2013-04-29
Add to MyPSM Toolkits for Adaptation and Implementation of the Revised WHO Guidelines The WHO Technical Advisory Group 2/2011 English Central, District, Regional 2014-03-17
Add to MyPSM Comment élaborer et mettre en oeuvre une politique pharmaceutique nationale - Deuxième édition OMS 2002 English, French, Spanish Central, District, Regional 2012-05-21
Add to MyPSM How to Develop and Implement a National Drug Policy (Second Edition) WHO 2002 English, French, Spanish Central, District, Regional 2012-05-21
Add to MyPSM Global Strategic Framework for Integrated Vector Management WHO/OMS 2004 English Central 2012-05-21
Add to MyPSM HIV/AIDS Commodity Security: Supply Chain Management Implications for HIV/AIDS Policymakers and Program Managers USAID | DELIVER PROJECT 2004 English Central 2011-09-27
Add to MyPSM Changing Malaria Treatment Policy to Artemisinin-Based Combinations. An Implementation Guide MSH 2005 English, French, Spanish Central 2013-08-19
Add to MyPSM Logistical Challenge: Ensuring Access to ARVs for Kids USAID | DELIVER PROJECT 2005 English Central, District, Facility, Regional 2011-09-27
Add to MyPSM Manual on Inter-Agency Reproductive Health Kits for Crisis Situations UNFPA/FNUAP 2005 English Central, District, Regional 2013-03-13
Add to MyPSM Standard Operating Procedures for Laboratory Services in Antiretroviral Therapy Programs MSH 2005 English Central, District, Facility, Regional 2014-06-16
Add to MyPSM Guidance for national tuberculosis programmes on the management of tuberculosis in children WHO/OMS 2006 English, Russian Central, District, Facility, Regional 2010-07-06
Add to MyPSM Malaria Vector Control and Personal Protection WHO/OMS 2006 English, French Central, District, Regional 2013-05-21
Add to MyPSM Supply Chain Management of ARV Drugs: Considerations for Initiating and Expanding National Supply Chains USAID | DELIVER PROJECT 2006 English Central 2011-04-15
Add to MyPSM Guidance on global scale-up of the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV WHO/OMS 2007 English, French, Russian Central 2010-07-06
Add to MyPSM Laboratory guidelines for enumerating CD4 lymphocytes in the context of HIV/AIDS WHO/OMS 2007 English Central, District, Regional 2012-12-17
Add to MyPSM Malaria Elimination: A Field Manual for Low and Moderate Endemic Countries WHO/OMS 2007 English Central 2010-12-16
Add to MyPSM Global Fund (GFATM) Application Assistance Tools Roll Back Malaria 2008 English, French Central 2010-05-11
Add to MyPSM Guide for National Public Health Laboratory Networking to Strengthen Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (IDSR) WHO 2008 English Central, Regional 2015-09-15
Add to MyPSM Guidelines for the programmatic management of drug-resistant tuberculosis WHO/OMS 2008 Chinese, English, French Central, District, Facility, Regional 2010-11-30
Add to MyPSM PMTCT graphic overview UNICEF 2008 English Central 2010-07-12

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